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Free Books & Mesothelioma Treatment Information

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  • 101 Facts About Mesothelioma — written by Dr. Kaplan this is a must read book provides an overview of the basic terms, new treatments and other challenges mesothelioma patients’ face.
  • Patient Organizer — helps keep track of appointment, medications, food intake while being treated.
  • Surviving "Terminal" Cancer — Clinical trials, drug cocktails and other treatments your oncologist will not tell you about. Written Ben A. Williams, Ph.D.
  • Fear 2 Faith, Our Journey Through Mesothelioma — An open and honest account of a Christian families journey through mesothelioma, complete with a discussion of hope, faith and the healing power of prayer.
  • The Hazards of Asbestos — A comprehensive overview of the dangers of asbestos and how companies and manufacturers hid the risks exposing workers across the country to a toxic product. Includes copies of documents evidencing and proving what was known.

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