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Best Law Firms for You

We have reviewed the settlement data for thousands of mesothelioma cases over 14 years and determined a list of the best mesothelioma lawyers across the country. What we have found is that all law firms are not equal.

Certain law firms will do better for a specific type of asbestos case than others. For example, one law firm may maximize settlement for a particular type of trade like a boilerman or a pipefitter. Another law firm will have developed an expertise in a certain asbestos product like tiles or gaskets. A third law firm will recover more for exposure that was at a certain plant in one state and another law firm for another plant in another state.

Some mesothelioma attorneys’ specialized in only representing clients with significant asbestos exposure while other can recover compensation for a person with just a little asbestos exposure.

There is no way any mesothelioma patient can know which law firm will do best for his or her case without looking at all the data. After understanding your asbestos work exposure and history we will look to determine which law firm will maximize your recovery and then provide you with options to consider.

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